Yoga and slackline

Spending time in nature can reduce stress and aggression, improve your mood and increase overall happiness, but also strengthen your immune system. When yoga asanas, pranayamas and meditation in the open are added to this, it is clear that it is an activity which can help you recover and recharge.

Find a location which inspires you and live to the fullest in the present moment. 

In order to walk on a balancing rope, you will need a slackline, two stable poles, trees* and a will to rise after many falls. Perhaps balance is your strength, so you can succeed in achieving perfect harmony of the mind, the body and the soul through nature. 

* Always use tree protection before installing slackline, and make sure to avoid protected areas in the SNR “Jerma”. 

Yoga and slackline workshops are held every day during the Adventure Outdoor Fest Jerma and other adventures.