Wild caving

Entering an unregulated cave Vetrena Dupka is a true adventure for all adrenaline and underground world lovers. And when you find out about the numerous stories and legends of this area which say that one the caves of the Vlaška Planina is “the Golden City” – a place where the famous priest Martin hid the abducted treasure, wild caving will then become a true “Hollywood” adventure.

The cave can be reached from the village Vlasi, by a 2km long marked path. The cave entrance is a narrow opening which resembles a fissure in a rock. You will notice the airflow and you will understand where the name of this cave came from – Vetrena Dupka (“Windy Pit”). 

Cave entrance is possible only with prior approval of the Manager of the SNR “Jerma”. If you are not a speleologist, then you will need a professional guiding service which will provide you with the basic gear for entering the cave. Contact us if you want to become a true “speleologist explorer” – because it is possible to organize the descent into the Pešterica pit. We are always eager to have speleo adventures

Caver's motto: “Take nothing but pictures. Leave nothing but carefully placed footprints. Kill nothing but time.”