Sport climbing

If sport climbing is your love and discovering new directions your passion – you are in the right place. In the Jerma River canyon, you will surely be among the first ones who have climbed some of the directions on the newly equipped climbing area. 

f you are not a sport climber and you wish to try climbing or abseiling (descending down rocks by rope), our experienced instructors will help you do this on a rock for beginners which is located in the village Vlasi. With special equipment, children can make their first vertical steps on an artificial rock which is positioned in the beautiful ambience of the Odorovo gorge, near “the landslide” at the entrance to the village Trnski Odorovci.

The climbing area “Jerma” is located on natural rocks of the Vlaška mountain, on the left bank of the Jerma River. It is situated in the village attar of Poganovo, 300m from the Poganovo monastery. After the bridge which leads to the monastery, you will see a left turn to a marked forest trail which will take you to the climbing area.

Explore adventures and climbing workshops within the Adventure Outdoor Fest Jerma and get ready for your new hobby – sport climbing. 

GPS: 42.97898 N, 22.63532 E

Number of directions: 19

Rating: from 6a to x


The Poganovo Sector

Carrousel 6c 15 buckles 30m Daniel Stanković (7/2017)
Fuko's pendulum 6a+ 9 buckles 18m Daniel Stanković (7/2017)
Scorpion Project 8 buckles 18m Daniel Stanković (7/2017)
Photo model 6c+ 10 buckles 20m Daniel Stanković (7/2017)
Moonlight sonata Project 37 buckles (12+13+12) 80m (25+27+28) Daniel Stanković (7/2017)
Variation on L theme 6b+ 13 buckles 25m Daniel Stanković (7/2017)
Variation on R theme 6b+ 14 buckles 28m Daniel Stanković (7/2017)
Hysteria Project 75m (25+25+25) Nemanja Čizmić (7/2017)
Damned drill Project 8 buckles 15m N. Čizmić & V. Rokvić (7/2017)
Guru master 7a+ 11 buckles 22m Vuk Rokvić (7/2017)
Priest Martin 7a+ 14 buckles 24m Vuk Rokvić (7/2017)


The Oblivion Sector

Almost the second hole Project 7 buckles 7m N. Čizmić & K. Bunjak (10/2018)
Where's the fox? Project 5 buckles 8m Nemanja Čizmić (10/2018)
Where's the otter? Project 6 buckles 6m Nemanja Čizmić (10/2018)
Almost the first hole Project 6 buckles 8m M. Tubin & N. Čizmić (10/2018)
Where are the anchorages Project 5 buckles 7m N. Čizmić & V. Rokvić (10/2018)
Where is the drill? 6a/6a+ 8 buckles 13m Vuk Rokvić (10/2018)
Where is the saw? Project 3 buckles 5m V. Rokvić & N. Čizmić (10/2018)
Where is the battery? Project 4 buckles 5m (25+25+25) V. Rokvić & N. Čizmić (10/2018)