Whether you are a geologist, an ornithologist, a writer or a geographer, the nature of the Jerma River canyon will reveal its beauty and show its rules, and you will certainly gain a rich new experience. You can get to know the things you have only read about in books, heard about from lectures or researched about on the Internet. You will see birds species you thought did not exist in Serbia, and you will find diverse living species which live in harmony with the nature.

If you are engaged in scientific research work and would like to explore this protected area in more detail, please contact the manager – State Enterprise for Forest Management “Srbijašume” – Forest Estate in Pirot and the Institute for nature conservation of Serbia for permission and issuing terms.

If you want to be a part of a large research and adventure family, you should apply for participating in the Adventure Outdoor Fest Jerma. You will have the opportunity to participate in ecological and research workshops, to explore and socialize with experts of the Institute for nature conservation of Serbia and young researchers of the Biological Society “dr Sava Petrović” from Niš.

Geography is learned on footJovan Cvijić