AVGUST 12-16, 2020




Is your spirit adventurous enough to discover unfamiliar areas of the Jerma River canyon in five days, and to try hiking, sport climbing, mountain running, biking, yoga, slackline and to have a peek in the wild caves? We invite you to the 3rd Adventure Outdoor Festival Jerma organized by the Adventure Network Association.

Adventure Outdoor Festival Jerma takes place in the heart of the Jerma River canyon and it is
intended for all nature lovers, active families and outdoor athletes. The festival lasts for five days,
and the numerous activities outside in nature, which are covered by this program, bring
individuals, families and children together into one large adventure community.

Registration: December 10, 2019 - August 01, 2020

The number of participants is limited to 150 persons, with the aim of respecting the ecological
capacity of the space and comfort of the participants.

The festival base and the camping site are located in the village of Trnski Odorovci. How to get

Accommodation and food are provided by the participants themselves.

The Adventure Outdoor Festival Jerma was first organized in August, 2017. It was organized by a group of enthusiasts who, through exploring the canyon, wanted to share the beauty of Jerma with other adventurers, explorers and nature lovers. They were also driven by a strong desire to “revive” this region, to engage the local residents through organizing events and, in that way, initiate the development, without a negative effect on the environment. They realized that all that can be accomplished through organizing activities in nature, cultural, ecological workshops and education. They turned their experiences and adventures from the Jerma River canyon into the festival program. After the first year, the Jerma River obtained its new fans, and the number has been increasing ever since. 

Around 100 adventurers from Serbia, Bulgaria, FYR Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina participated in the first festival, and the participants were hikers, runners, climbers, families with children and nature lovers who enjoyed discovering the beauty of the unexplored part of southeastern Serbia.

Then in 2018, the festival was not organized because the attention of the organizer was directed towards the birth of a small adventurer

The second “Outdoor Festival Jerma” was organized in 2019, and more than 100 adventurers from Serbia, FYR Macedonia and Croatia joined. The second festival was marked by the introduction of the Adventure Open Day – a promotional day for adventurers and activities in nature, which was available for all outdoor activity lovers. Another novelty in the second festival was the Adventure Race for Children, which gathered a great number of kids and parents/guardians. The children, together with their teams, had the opportunity to run on the trail through the village Vlasi, to jump over obstacles, to wriggle through mud and to row boats on the Jerma River. 


The satisfied participants, the smiling and playful children, and the comments – “Jerma is like a fairy tale”, lengthy descriptions of socializing and adventures on the festival, owing to which many will remember the whole year, increase the organizers’ enthusiasm and motivate them to continue creating new adventures. 

Get (up) natural and see you soon in the Jerma River canyon <3 

“Sve če si bude / Everything will be fine”.