Mountain running

If you want to speed up the pace and explore the area around the Jerma River, you can try mountain running. The mountains Greben, Vlaška, Ruj and Asenovo kale are ideal in terms of running conditions, so you can choose trails of different lengths and try out running techniques on various terrains. Work out or start a relaxing run to the nearby village or the lookout point, or choose a mountain trail on which you can test your strength and endurance when ascending and descending. 

Competitions in mountain running are held on mountain trails in the Jerma River canyon, and some of the competition trails are the Jerma Golden trails – Mumulj (7.5 km, 260 D+) and the Kusa Vrana trail (approximately 30 km, 2000 D+). 

Racing tours and workouts are organized within the Adventure Outdoor Fest Jerma, which is being held every year in mid August. 

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