Jerma River Canyon

Imagine a triangle of extraordinary beauty in southeastern Serbia, between the cities of Pirot, Caribrod and Babusnica. We invite you to visit the Special Nature Reserve Jerma, which has managed to preserve its wild nature and beauty only for real adventurers. You will experience perfection of nature and the strength of the Jerma River which flows through two countries and creates a vivid canyon which many people compare to the beauties of Colorado.

How to get there?

The Jerma River canyon is connected by roads with the cities of Pirot, Dimitrovgrad and Babušnica, which are 20km from the canyon. Also, it is connected to highway E – 80 which connects Europe to Asia. At a distance of 90km from the canyon, there are two airports, one in Niš (Serbia) and another one in Sofia (Bulgaria), as well as numerous rent-a-car companies and car transporters.

Start your adventure!

The Jerma River canyon provides opportunities for activities in nature for all ages

Adventure Outdoor Fest Jerma


If you desire a unique experience which represents a blend of different adventures in a few days, in the company of adventurers from different countries, the Adventure Outdoor Festival Jerma is the right event for you.


Outdoor Fest 2019


Outdoor Fest 2017


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