The best way to get to know the Jerma River Canyon and Valley is by walking. Indulge yourself in nature, walk and let the nature lead you through the canyon, the villages, forests, mountains and meadows. You will experience the landscapes of the Jerma river from different angles and you will meet people who will evoke in you the spirit, the customs and the tradition of this area in the best possible way.

You can walk on the local road through the Jerma River canyon - the Vlach and Odorovo gorges (approximately 6km). Be wary of the traffic and occasional rockfall.

Touring villages can be a real adventure. If you walk through the village Vlasi, you will enjoy the view of “the notch” and the rocky hills of Mumulj and Todor kamik, and you can also climb to the nearby lookout point Ravni Kamik, overlooking the village and the Jerma river. The mountain trail which is 2km long, starting from the village center, will take you to the cave entrance “Vetrena Dupka”. The cave entry is possible only with the assistance of an expert guide service and the approval of the competent institutions.

One of the biggest villages is Trnski Odorovci, a scattered type of a village situated on the slopes of the Greben and Vlaška mountains. While touring the village, you will be able to see numerous landscapes and lookouts with beautiful views of the rocky sections of these mountains, which form the Odorovo gorge.

In the village Poganovo, you can enjoy the traditional Serbian ethno villages and the beauty of the Balkan type houses. We recommend that you visit several ethno tourism households and taste the local products and traditional food.

Walks through the villages Petaćinci, Iskrovci, Kusa Vrana, Jasenov del and Dragovita, where only a couple of inhabitants live, can be somewhat sad and nostalgic, but they will provide you with the insight about the state of the Serbian villages. If you would like to meet people who love their country and protect the nature, then you should visit the village Rakita.

Walk around as much as your physical and mental states allow. Let the walks, the clean air and the peace lead you to a state feeling of peace and oneness with the nature, which will certainly affect your body and your soul in a positive way.

For those who wish to continue hiking to the surrounding peaks on somewhat more demanding trails, we suggest choosing one of the mountain trails we recommended. 

Walk with us.