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Adventure Network

Address: Selo Sukovo bb

18322 Pirot, Serbia

VAT No.:109732224

ID No.: 28212526

Current account, Banca Intesa


VisitJerma is part of the project „Adventure Outdoor Festival Jerma“, supported and funded by the Ministry of Environmental Protection of the Republic of Serbia. The opinions and attitudes expressed in these publications are the exclusive responsibility of the author and his collaborators, and they do not necessarily represent the official position of the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

Our story

The association of citizens „Adventure Travel Network“ was established in 2016 and it has been actively involved in promoting adventurism and tourism for specific interests in southeastern Serbia, primarily in the Pirot District. Our projects are mainly oriented towards the development of rural areas, development of society and the district in which we live. We explore, learn and protet the environment.

Our adventures will reconnect you to nature and help you promote your lifestyle. Firstly, we promise you unforgettable experiences in the hidden and wild nature which will awaken your adventurous spirit.

Our principles are:

  • Return to nature!
  • Active community of adventurers, explorers and enthusiasts!
  • Adventure - lifestyle!
  • Movement and networking!

Since the establishment, we have realized several developmental, youth and volunteer projects and events. Our first love is the Jerma River and our greatest pride – Adventure Outdoor Festival Jerma – in which a lot of creativity and energy was invested, which is returned to us through the progress and pleasure of adventurers and eco travelers from Serbia and the region. The Jerma River created one of the most vivid canyons in Serbia, and we want to present it to you through activities in nature, cultural workshops and socializing with the locals. Every year in August, we organize the Adventure Outdoor Festival Jerma, and throughout the year, multi-day adventures for our members.

In collaboration with the competent institutions, we are actively working on the arrangement of the touristic and sports suprastructure, we support and promote local initiatives, economic avitivity and we organize unforgettable adventures. We are also the organizers of the Festival of Cultural Heritage, Chivalry and Old Crafts in the Pirot Fortress – Kale Fest.

We know well and we love one of the most beautiful mountains in Serbia – Stara Planina and we will be more than glad to help you feel the spirit of the mountain inhabitants and to experience the unforgettable on this wild mountain. We are learning from the last guardians of Stara Planina how to live in harmony with the nature, from the nature and for the nature.