Petodnevni program u kanjonu reke Jerme, na Vlaškoj, Greben i Ruj planini obuhvata više od 20 različitih aktivnosti u prirodi, kao i brojne kulturne i ekološke programe. Učesnici festivala, u skladu sa svojim sposobnostima, sami biraju aktivnosti u kojima žele da učestvuju, a organizatori nakon toga kreiraju njihov lični program sa tačno utvrđenom satnicom. Cilj ovakvog načina kreiranja programa je poštovanje kapaciteta zaštićenog prirodnog dobra, kao i komfora, želja i sposobnosti svih učesnika. Sve aktivnosti realizuju licencirani vodiči, treneri i instruktori, uz dežurstvo Gorske službe spasavanja Srbije.

Explore the canyon by walking and get to know the mountains which protect the Jerma River. Keep in mind that it is not the body which drives you to the top, but rather the spirit.


Extreme Grebening (Ridge climbing) – August 13, 2020.

Do you know what it feels like to walk on the edge of a knife or on the back of a dinosaurs? – try extreme “grebening”! A technically-demanding mountain tour will take you through forest paths and trails around the Greben mountain, after which you will encounter “grebening” on a narrow path over boulders. This is a breathtaking challenge. If you are brave enough to cross the narrowest part of the ridge with one foot on the east and the other on the west side of the mountain, you will reach the Bežanište peak (1338 m above sea level). Think about the way back...

Trail distance: approximately 25 km; Level of technical readiness required 6/10; Level of physical readiness required 7/10

* intended for experienced and prepared participants; the tour is not intended for children

Panica Adventure – don’t panic! – August 14, 2020

Panica (1442 m above sea level) is the highest “peak” of the “weird” Vlaška mountain. The trail is characterized by a difficult initial rise, karst all the way to the lookout point from which the view of the canyon and the Greben mountain is possible. Following the ridge of the Vlaška mountain, you will reach Panica, and then the rest of the peaks, after which the descent to the village of Kusa Vrana follows and the return to old rural roads.

Trail distance: approximately 21 km; Level of technical readiness required 5/10; Level of physical readiness required 6/10

* intended for experienced and prepared participants; the tour is not intended for children

The Poganovo Monastery – Vlasi – August 15, 2020 – trail change - *

The adventure includes a relaxing walk through the canyon, a tour of the Poganovo Monastery and walking on the forest path to the lookout point “Tikva” with a beautiful view of the canyon. The forest trails will take you then to the lookout “Ravni kamik” above the village of Vlasi. After walking through the village, we will descend to the picnic area “Jaz” beside the river, where ecological and art workshops, socializing with biologists, climbing workshops, fly fishing and “Adventure Race for Children” are awaiting. We suggest you  plan on spending the whole day in this picnic area and to socialize with visitors from the Adventure Open Day. 

The program “An Explorer for One Day” will be realized within this tour. (see in Ecological and exploration workshops)

Trail distance: approximately 12 km; Level of technical readiness required 2/10; Level of physical readiness required 3/10

* intended for all participants, children accompanied by parents/guardians

Asenovo kale (1033 m above sea level)

The adventure starts in Zvonačka Spa* and it includes: a tour of the unique habitat of the protected species “Venus hair fern” in Serbia; crossing over an impressive stone bridge and through the tunnels where the train “Ćira” used to transport ore on a narrow railroad. You will see “Cedilka”, which is the narrowest canyon in Serbia on the Blatašnica River and the forgotten village of Jasenov del. According to a legend, a Bulgarian Emperor Ivan Asen the Second used the position of this rocky peak to build a fort, from which he overlooked the whole area. You will be able to see the whole canyon of the Jerma River, Vlaška and Ruj mountains, and the Rakita Rock, as well as the Zvonačka Spa. 

Trail distance: approximately 10 km; Level of technical readiness required 3/10; Level of physical readiness required 2/10

* Zvonačka Spa is 6 km far from the camp – if you do not have your own means of transport to reach the starting point of the tour, you shall notify the organizer in the camp upon registration.

intended for all participants, children accompanied by parents/guardians

Your guides on the hiking tours will be Milan Stojaković and Branimir Antić.

If you want to speed up your pace and explore the Jerma landscapes, you should try out mountain running. During the training and workshops, a mountain runner Irena Pavlović will show you how to achieve great progress in running.

During the training, you will get acquainted with the techniques of mountain running, you will receive important advice for running on uneven, slippery or very soft grounds, as well as when running downhill and uphill. Trainings will be organized on distances of around 15 km and you will visit numerous lookouts and nearby villages on the way there. The length and intensity of the training will be adapted to the structure of the running group.

For the beginning of the festival and racing socializing, you will run at night with headlamps – the party is on the trail.

Learning about running techniques is different from other athletic disciplines, because running is our innate ability. It is important for you to realize at the very beginning that running is easy, relaxing and without strain. Endurance presents one of the numerous positive features which you can develop through systematic running, and when running uphill, specific strength is also being developed.

* intended for all participants; separate workshops can be organized for interested children – please specify in the note upon registration 

Try out sports climbing on a natural boulder and get to know the technique of climbing down – abseiling.

Try to make your first vertical steps and exercise your strength, flexibility and concentration. Depending on your abilities, you can choose a basic or advanced workshop of sports climbing on a natural boulder. You will certainly gain new knowledge, skills and spend quality time with friends or family.

Children will also be able to try sports climbing on an artificial boulder which is 4 m high. 

More experienced climbers with a completed course and their own gear can independently try out the equipped directions on the climbing area “Jerma” near the Poganovo Monastery.

* intended for all participants, children accompanied by parents/guardians

** If you want more than one workshop of climbing for you or your child, write a note for us upon registration.

All workshops will be carried out by experienced instructors and coaches from the sports club “Tribe”, with certified protective gear.

It is sufficient to have your own bicycle, protective gear, and that you are ready for a ride on mountain trails of the Vlaška, Greben and Ruj mountains. You will ride through tunnels where the train “Ćira” used to pass, through forgotten villages with few inhabitants, beside one of the narrowest canyons in Serbia, and on the trail of the Caribrod MTB marathon.

In collaboration with the cycling club “Bike M” from Pirot, we have prepared for you the following trails:


Asenovo kale mountain biking

A trail which is 31 km long includes a ride at the foot of the Vlaška mountain, towards the village of Kusa Vrana and Zvonačka Spa. You will ride across a stone bridge and the tunnels of the train “Ćira”, with a view of the narrowest canyon in Serbia – Cedilka. Climbing to the Asenovo kale peak (1033 m above sea level) is what follows afterwards, with the most beautiful view of the whole area - the Jerma River canyon and the surrounding mountains. The descent from the peak goes through the village of Jasenov del and it continues to the foot of the Greben mountain towards the village of Trnski Odorovci.

Village mountain biking

A trail which is 51 km in length is intended for a whole day enjoyment and a ride through intact nature and abandoned villages. Certain villages through which the trail passes have several or almost no inhabitants (Vrapča). After the village Trnski Odorovci, where the start is, the trail passes through the following villages: Poganovo – Vlasi – Gornja Držina – Planinica – Banski Dol – beside the village of Barje – Vrapča – Petačinci – Iskrovci.

* intended for all participants older than 18, who possess their own gear.

Your guides on the biking tours will be Miloš Jovanović and Igor Vlatković.

No, this is not a usual tour of a cave and walking on regulated trails. This is an experience which implies the entrance into an unarranged cave Vetrena Dupka, together with experienced speleologists who will make you feel as if you were true explorers. You will hear of a legend about Priest Martin’s treasure, which is believed to be hidden in one of the caves in this area.

The beginning of this speleo-adventure is in the village of Vlasi* and you are going to walk on a forest trail for 2 km before you reach the cave entrance.

The organizer provides the helmets.

Note: bring along old, warm clothes or overalls, gloves and a headlamp. 

intended for all participants, children accompanied by parents/guardians are allowed to enter only the first part of the cave

* Village Vlasi is around 6 km far from the festival camp and the base. We kindly ask all who do not have or do not want to use their own means of transport to the starting point of the adventure to state so upon registration at the festival. 

Your speleo guides are Nemanja Milosavljević and members of the hiking and caving club “Dvig”.

Take nothing but pictures - Leave nothing but footprints – Kill nothing but time

Stackline is an experience you must not miss out on.

Have fun and relax after an active day or make serious commitment to maintaining balance and train the whole day. This workshop helps you achieve a balance of the body, the mind, the soul and the heart. Slackline will be installed in the festival base and during the activities in the village of Vlasi. 

intended for all participants, children accompanied by parents/guardians

On yoga workshops, you will have the opportunity to get to know Hatha yoga and the dynamic Vinyasa yoga. The workshops will be organized every day of the festival in the afternoons, near the festival base in the village of Trnski Odorovci. 


Yoga is the science of the body, the mind and the soul. The physical part of Yoga consists of Asana – exercises and positions which develop the body, and Pranayama – practice of breath control. Mental development in Yoga is achieved through breathing practice, concentration practice and meditation.

The main emphasis in Hatha yoga is on the asanamas (yoga positions), breathing and relaxation. The combination of asana with short relaxes teaches us how to communicate with our body and listen to the information which it sends us as an answer to practicing. In addition, we are establishing a connection between the body and internal processes, such as thoughts and emotions. We learn how to relax and, in that way, we regenerate ourselves both psychologically and physically, to enter the state of peace and to become more open to ourselves and to others. After asana, pranayama (practice of breath control) are practiced.

Vinyasa yoga is a dynamic yoga style in which positions are connected in such a way that they form a continuous flow. In Vinyasa yoga, the emphasis is on the connection of movement and breathing. Through that unbreakable connection, we develop attention and concentration, we return to the present moment, and we learn how to live life to its fullest through breathing properly.

intended for all participants, children accompanied by parents/guardians

Your yoga instructors are: Višnja Stanić and Slobodan Slavica


Become an explorer for one day!

We do not guarantee that you will see a rare species of a mammal which has not been seen for over 70 years… we do not guarantee that you will see butterflies with transparent wings as in the tropics …

But we DO guarantee that you will see bird species you have not even thought existed in Serbia… We guarantee that you will believe that there are more than 200 species of daily butterflies in Serbia… We guarantee that you will meet people whose job is to know thousands of Latin terms for plants, and they still enjoy learning new terms. We guarantee that you will meet people who work hard to protect every piece of nature because they believe that we have borrowed nature from our children.

If you happen to believe in all this, then this is the right activity for you. We will show you what it is like to be an explorer for one day and why it is one of the most beautiful professions in the world!

Biological society “Dr Sava Petrović” has prepared the following for you:

– introduction to “bird banding”, recognizing and tracking birds,

– recognizing butterflies and the use of application Biologer,

– recognizing plants which are food for butterflies and a home for birds.

The exploration begins by departing from the camp together with the hiking tour “the Poganovo Monastery – Vlasi” (link for description of hiking – trail) on a 12 km long trail. After the completion of the tour, we will arrive at a picnic area Jaz in the village of Vlasi. There, after a short rest, there will be one more easy walk in the surroundings of the village of Vlasi.

intended for all participants, children accompanied by parents/guardians


Did you know you can help birds survive the winter and raise their offspring?

Did you know that each species has its own taste for the interior and exterior?


If you want to find out more and learn how to make a birdhouse on your own, join the workshops for children and adults!

A wonderful activity which will make children become creative craftsmen, and take adults back to their childhood. At the same time, it is a noble act by which we help our flying friends.

* intended for all participants, children accompanied by parents of guardians

The workshops are realized by a professional staff from the Biological Society “Dr Sava Petrović” from Niš.

The workshop for sculpting and making objects from natural materials will take place after the hiking tour from the Poganovo Monastery – Vlasi, in the picnic area “Jaz” in the village of Vlasi.

Zoran Mojsilov – A globally recognized artist, Zoran Mojsilov, whose origins can be found in the village of Vlasi, will guide you through the process of creating your own artwork, accompanied by an interesting story. Socializing with Zoran will surely remain in your memories, considering his ability to be very direct and to talk about various topics without prejudice.

* intended for all participants, children accompanied by parents or guardians

What a better way to relax in the best possible way after an active day than beside a campfire and exciting adventure stories and film scenes! Every night in the camp, the outdoor cinema will be showing films.

We will watch documentary films about the Jerma River canyon and the surroundings and enjoy in the authentic scenes of the wilderness and intact nature. 

* intended for all participants, children accompanied by parents of guardians

Every night you can sleep in a hotel with a million stars if camping is your choice. You need to have your own equipment – a tent, cushions,  sleeping bags, and we will provide camping space for you in the yard of the elementary school in the village of Trnski Odorovci, where the festival base is located. This is not a regulated and registered camp. However, for the needs of the participants, the organizer will provide electricity, an outhouse, fresh water at a school fountain and an improvised “solar” shower, which will always have warm water. Another alternative is bathing in the clean Jerma River.


Nights can be very cold, so we recommend that you bring along warm clothing and equipment.

Note: The camping space has a security service provided, but the organizer is not liable for the disappearance or damage of your personal belongings.

* intended for all participants, children accompanied by parents or guardians

Children are true explorative and driving forces of the festival.

For that reason, the festival is intended for active families and children who will get the opportunity to explore new localities in nature, to learn about healthy lifestyle and various activities in nature. If your choice is camping, it will certainly make the adventure complete for children.

This year, we have prepared the following workshops and programs for the youngest ones:


Children can participate in hiking tours “the Poganovo Monastery – Vlasi” and Asenovo kale with their parents/guardians.

Sport climbing

On natural and artificial boulders. If your child is practicing climbing and you want him/her to participate in the sports climbing workshop, we kindly ask you to state that in the notes upon registration. 

Mountain running

Basics of mountain running for children.


Special yoga workshops will be organized for children and they can also participate on their own or accompanied by their parents in workshops for adults.


Walking on a balancing rope, an activity which will attract children every day.

Ecological and exploration workshops

The children will understand better the need for protecting the nature through learning about the plant and animal life. Workshops which encourage an exploratory spirit in children will present to them the lives of birds, plants, butterflies and enable them to feel as true adventurers.


Workshops organized by “Grandpa’s garage” will enable children to try out craftwork. Inspired by the greenery and an adventurous spirit, we will indulge in making toys out of all materials from the nature. We will make ships from wood, mosaics from stones, balls from wool. We will use tools, hammers, sandpaper, nails, glue, screws, we will tie knots, process and connect wooden parts and practice our abilities and skills. One workshop which will take place in/or near the festival base will mark every day of the festival, and on Saturday, the workshops will be organized in the picnic area Jaz, in the village of Vlasi, within the Adventure Day. The product of each workshop will be an authentic hand-made toy, which the children will take back home, as a souvenir to remind them of their adventure of connecting with nature.

The workshops are held by Nina Spasić and a joyful bunch from “Grandpa’s Garage”.

Art workshop

 Zoran Mojsilov, a globally recognized artist, will introduce to the children the art of sculpting and making sculptures from natural materials. 

Local ZOO

The children will have the chance to visit rural households and learn about domestic animals. The hosts will show them how domestic animals are kept, how cheese is made and which came first – the chicken or the egg.