August 15, 2020 - The Village of Vlasi


Adventure Race with obstacles for children will be organized within the Adventure Day on August 15, 2020, starting at 4PM, in the picnic area “Jaz” in the village of Vlasi.

The adventure track with obstacles is around 2 km long and it will be a challenge for teams consisting of two children. Children will have to squeeze through narrow passages, fall into holes with mud, and climb down the cliffs using a rope, cross the river by a rope or a boat. While helping one another, you will pass the obstacles on the track, all with the aim of reaching the finish line together, as a team. Winners are teams whose members reach the finish line together, where medals are awaiting them.

Children up to 15 years of age have the right to participate. Children to 7 years of age must be accompanied by parents/guardians on the track, while older children may be followed by parents/guardians but they cannot help them.

Numerous volunteers will be at disposal on the track, and the Mountain Service of Serbia will be on duty.




  • Register your child as a member of the association in order to have the right to participate in the race;
  • Register your child/teams through an online regitration form;
  • Explain to the children the concept of a race;
  • Talk about team work and mutual goals;
  • Practice with your children before the race; 
  • If you are concerned about the bruises or scratches, we recommend the use of pads, gloves, etc.; 
  • Be prepared for your child to get wet, dirty and muddy during the race;
  • Be prepared to get very tired if you are going to run after your children on the track;
  • Bring along extra clothing for changing the child after the race, including shoes and underwear;
  • Be prepared for your children to have couple of scratches or bruises after the race;
  • Be prepared that your children will talk about this adventure until the next race;
  • Plan the next adventure because this is only the beginning. 

Our goal is to create healthy and active families which encourage an explorative spirit, which like to spend time in nature and protect the environment.

Join us. 

Together for #activefamilies.




PARTICIPATION: Participants of the Adventure Race can be children who are members of the Adventure Network Association. By paying 1,000 RSD for annual membership, a child can become a member and obtain the rights to participate in the Adventure Race, but also in other activities within the Adventure Day. 


For children who are participants of the five-day Outdoor Festival Jerma, and therefore for the association members, participation is free of charge.


The registration form must be filled in and active association membership paid (annual membership fee paid).



General payment slip – Download payment slip

Paid by: Your name, last name and address

Payment purpose: Annual membership for / name and last name)

Received by: Adventure Network, the village of Sukovo nn, Pirot, Serbia

Amount: 1,000 RSD

Account: Banca Intesa 160-461000-05


ONLINE REGISTRATION: Registration for participation in the race is mandatory and it can be completed by filling in an online form, in which information about both children who make a team must be stated, as well as their parents’ information. If your child does not have a second team member, fill in the form only for your child. Write “no team” for the team name, and we will try to find another member of the team for your child.


REGISTRATION ON THE DAY OF THE RACE: A child can be registered on the day of the race at the registration point, but we cannot guarantee that he/she will get a medal and additional material, because there is no precise information about the number of participants.


REGISTRATION BEFORE THE RACE: Each team which applied must register at least one hour before the race, at the registration point in the picnic area “Jaz”. Registration is performed accompanied by parents who will fill in the required documentation and sign a statement allowing their child to participate with their consent and stating that they are liable for any injuries or accidents.


USE OF MULTIMEDIA CONTENTS: Upon registration, parents delegate all rights regarding the use of the digital records showing them and their child to the organizer.